Dokkan Battle Hack Free Dragon Stones and Zeni Android iOS

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack
How to Get Unlimited Free Dragon Stones and Zeni.
I spent a long time looking for a working hack for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, and was starting to wonder if one really existed or not. Honestly, I was getting mad. Everytime I thought I had found one, it ended up being a stolen video or stolen webpage. Even worse, some of them were so convincing that I wouldn't know it was fake until after I had done their stupid survey. I knew there was a working DBZ Dokkan Battle Hack out there, but I couldn't track down the original source.
Then - I finally found one that worked. The REAL Dokkan Battle Hack!
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With this cheat, I was able to generate an unlimited amount of Dragon Stones and Zeni in the game. It also seems to be working on both Android and IOS devices, as I've done it for a few of my friends that were sketched out/didn't believe it was real (understandable tbh). I've gotten just a little bored with it however. I have unlimited money so I don't really have much keeping me going besides cool fights. 

That's the reason I decided to help other people trying to figure out how to hack Dokkan Battle. With this website, it's pretty much all taken care of for you. I hope you guys enjoy this tool, and have fun with it, I know I did. 

Don't be stingy, after you brag to your friends share the link with them or generate for their accounts. And maybe consider support the Dragon Ball Z game when you get bored of it like I did. There's no APK or survey involved, although you may have to do human verification. Only takes a minute though (install 2 apps and run both for 30 seconds each). 
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