March 2018

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March 2018 
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by Juliet Matipano, Partnership Development Coordinator
Coordinator's Report
by Katie Thomson, Advice & Information Coordinator
From the feedback received in the one-to-one interviews, many frontline workers expressed interest in attending networking events, but struggled to find capacity to attend them. However, providing the incentive of a training element for an event was far more appealing for workers and their managers.  Both events incorporated networking time for the participants to learn more about other services, and was delivered by a specialist advice provider.  

The events were very popular, and many of the participants expressed interested in attending more events like this.  Going forward, we plan to work closely with partners to deliver a multi-disciplinary training programme, and hope to have a training-room facility to carry this out in the Hub, without having to close the main reception to carry these out.

Our final stakeholder event was held on Thursday 29th March 2018 was targeted at all stakeholders including CEOs, Trustees, Managers, Operational Staff and volunteers, to conclude the stakeholder consultation and inform the development of the Hub arrangements moving forward. Seven participants attended this event, from 5 organisations.  We showed a presentation which give an overview of our activities over the past three months, and what our next steps are.The following areas where identified as next steps forward in the development of Hub:
  • Relocating to an accessible central venue with good standard facilities
  • Formalise partnership working arrangements
  • ACF phase 2 application that fosters collaboration
  • Continuing the warm, friendly welcoming environment in our next venue.

Whilst this event was not as well attended as the previous events, those who did attend had not attended the other events, and were able to see the progress made and give their feedback on the Action Plan and Venue Requirements.  We’re now working on a final report of all our findings, which we hope to share with you soon!
March was a tough month for a lot of people - The Beast from The East made it really difficult for everyone, and those on a low income faced bigger fuel bills and extra expenses.   Universal Credit issues still feature as a big issue for some, and there is increasing interest in benefit entitlements, where citizens are confused or unsure of what they are entitled to.  

We were pleased to welcome some new advice providers - CAP Job Club offers those looking for work, or looking for better work, an 8-week course on interview skills, one-to-one mentoring, confidence building and writing a winning CV.  

We also have a new Digital Skills session - we've scheduled this straight after the Community Job Club, so those who have had some hands on experience in using computers for work, can learn new skills at their own pace, and for fun!

And finally, we are now a donation point for Smalls For All.  S4A are a Glasgow-based charity that sends underwear to women and children in Africa, as well as offering educational and employment opportunities.  We're doing this in partnership with Douglas Chapman MP's Office, and Faye Sinclair, Community Councillor for Dunfermline South.

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