June 2018 Report

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June 2018 
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Coordinator's Report
by Katie Thomson, Advice & Information Coordinator
June was a little quieter than last month, and we saw a lower number of people accessing fuel, food and clothing assistance.  We've also been working to try and highlight recurring themes as to why people have to access crisis services, which has allowed us to see that benefit changes, delays and changes to circumstances have been the biggest reasons.  
Our volunteers are the life blood of everything we do here.  And with Volunteer’s Week, we wanted to really show our appreciation for everything they do.   We made up wee goody bags, showing just what our volunteers mean to us, and the invaluable contribution they make to the community in Dunfermline.

Our volunteers make all the difference here to our citizens.  They’ve always got kind words, a smiling face and a warm welcome for everyone who comes to the Hub, and they make an excellent cuppa!  They can also help with basic enquiries, provide essential phone numbers and help you get started on the computer.  They are essential to our success and we’re blessed to have such a great team!
We organised a volunteer Get-Together, where we met with the Keep Safe I am Me Coordinator, and learned about the initiative.  It was really invaluable, as we learned how to use the cards and the chart to help those with communication difficulties.  We also discussed further training opportunities - the  volunteers voted on issues and topics they'd like to learn about, and we all decided that Mental Health would be really useful in the volunteer role here.