Labor Day 2018

published by NAR Research

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Labor Day 2018
Looking at data from the 2018 Member Profile we recognize REALTORS® for their hard work and successes this Labor Day.
65% of REALTORS® are licensed as sales agents, 21% as brokers, 15% as broker associates, and 2% as appraisers.
Sales Agent: 65%
Broker Associate: 15%
Appraiser: 2%
REALTORS® worked a median of 40 hours per week in 2017  
The typical member has been in the real estate industry for a median of 10 years, and has been at their present firm for a median of 4 years.
    65% of members worked 40 or more hours per week
    Previous Careers of REALTORS®
    Management/Business/Financial: 16%
    Sales/Retail: 16%
    Office/Admin support: 9%
    Education: 7%
    Healthcare: 5%
    Homemaker: 4%
    Real estate is first career: 5%
    95% of REALTORS® were certain that they will remain active as a real estate professional during the next 2 years.