11 clever ways to save money every day

published by John Trent

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Money-saving tactics can often be unrealistic or forced.

While you may already be familiar with some money-saving tactics— such as bringing your lunch to work instead of buying it or getting fewer cups of coffee out — there are more creative ways to save money every day that you may not yet be doing. Here are 12 unusual ways you can save money every day.

According to the Financial Experts 

Eliminate recurring expenses 

"Grab some paper or make a spreadsheet and list any recurring expenses that you might be able to cut. Also list any high expenses that you might be able to reduce."

Byron Ellis, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CRPC®
Founder of Doing Money Right


Automate small amounts of money

"Automate weekly savings for small amounts you won't miss, even as little as $10 or $20 per week. These small amounts will build quickly over time and you will learn to live without those extra funds."

Andrea Woroch
Nationally-recognized consumer expert

Remove stored credit card numbers

"Removing this information can save you from impulse shopping, and allows you to cut back on the amount of money you spend. Plus, the more time you have to think about a purchase, the more likely you'll make a better financial decision."

Jennifer McDermott
Consumer advocate at

Take public transportation or walk

"Stop driving your own car to work every day. Instead, use public transportation, such as trains, buses, or shared vehicles, or try biking or walking for a few miles every day. This will extensively save your wallet and health at the same time."

Andrei Vasilescu
CEO of DontPayFull

Use financial planning apps

"[Financial plannings apps] provide an almost effortless way to save money each day, as they can connect directly with your accounts to track spending and alert you to problem areas without needing to log your spending each day yourself."

Matt Reiner, CFA, CFP
CEO and Co-Founder of Wela

Change banks

"Refuse to pay bank fees. There are banks that require no minimum balance and have such perks as no monthly fee, no ATM fee if you use an out-of-network ATM, refunding you what an out-of-network ATM charges, and no foreign transaction fees. I have a client saving $50 a month from switching banks."

Jennifer Beeston
VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

Log every expense

"Seeing where your money is going every day can make you aware of unnecessary purchases that you may be making. Plus, cutting out those extra daily purchases can help you put aside more money for the future." 

Jennifer McDermott
Consumer advocate at

Split expenses with friends

"When shopping online, coordinate with your friends that might order from the same site. This allows you to have a larger order, which might mean free shipping, or at the very least, you can split the cost of shipping!"

Janine Rogan
CPA and financial educator

Meal plan with overlapping ingredients

"While meal planning for the week can help you eliminate excess grocery purchases, the best way to crack down on expired food waste is to look for recipes that use overlapping ingredients. I like 'The Fresh 20', which offers meal plans that use just 20 simple ingredients."

Andrea Woroch
Nationally-recognized consumer expert

Unplug your gadgets

"Unplug electronics and appliances like TVs, laptops, coffee makers, and cable boxes. They continue to suck energy even when turned off, which adds to your energy bill."

Andrea Woroch
Nationally-recognized consumer expert

Stash every $5 bill

"When you pay with cash and are given a $5 bill, set it aside. Whether you place them in a jar or your savings accounts, dedicate at least six months to saving every $5 bill you receive, and you'll be amazed by just how much you can save."

Jennifer McDermott
Consumer advocate at


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