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TeamsCode is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created with the goal of increasing computer science interest and activity among high school students.
How it Started
TeamsCode was founded in the beginning of 2017 by Alan Bi and Chris Elliott.  

Both participated in local programming contests and noticed a severe lack of representation from their school. They set about to change that by organizing the first ever Mercer Island High School Programming Contest on April 1st. 

Since then, TeamsCode has expanded its influence across three states and hopes to continue growing. 
TeamsCode has had success with four programming contests across Washington and Oregon. 

The biannual MIHS Programming Contest in Washington has been held three times with an average of about 100 participants at each event. The CGS Programming Contest in Oregon reached 20 participants at its first event in April of 2018.

For the Fall 2018 season, we are hosting three contests: one in Washington, Oregon, and California.

TeamsCode has been sponsored by several notable organizations, including Microsoft TEALS, PSCSTA, JetBrains, Topcoder, and more. 
Online Learning
TeamsCode provides a vast array of online materials for students to learn from. 

The current Learn section includes a free 50-lesson course on AP Computer Science as well as a collection of 60 programming problems from past TeamsCode contests. 

By the end of 2018, several new features are planned for the Learn section, including a course for competitive programming and an online code submission platform. 
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