8 Step Plan to Finding An Internship

published by NYCSchoolsTech

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Get Started
Help students reflect upon what they love and help them discover their interests and passions. You may want to discuss various people and ask them who it is they aspire to be. 
Explore Interests
Thrively can help students discover the type of careers that might be of interest for someone with their personality traits.
Guide your student or child in researching which organizations and/or people can help them learn more about their area of interest. These people will become their inventory of potential resources to target.
Find Targets
Focused Contact
Encourage the young person to contact a couple of the people or organizations of greatest interest. Note that it is important to be focused and targeted. Mass outreach is never effective. They should explain they are interested in exploring a deep interest, and why this organization would suit them.
  • It’s recommended that we eat at least five portions of different types of fruit and vegetable a day.
When the shadowing results in a good connection, advise the young person to request another day.

Follow up with a request for an informational interview. Rather than request a "job interview," your child is asking to interview appropriate staff members to find out more about what they do. Before they do this, make sure they know interview strategies. Forbes magazine has 9 strategies to consider. Then have them do a videotaped practice and review with them what works well and what could be improved.
If things go well, the youth should ask if they could be considered for mentoring, as an apprentice or intern, for a semester.

Be specific about the time commitment and keep in mind that starting small is most effective early on. 

Your child or student should be able to articulate what value he can bring to the situation and be specific about the time commitment.
When they have found an organization they like, they should ask if they can shadow a staff member for the day. They should also find out if it is possible to check out a few different parts of the organization.