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Data Access Statement
What to write
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When you publish a research paper you should always include a Data Access Statement (DAS) in the acknowledgements detailing where and how your data can be accessed.
Is the research data underpinning your publication freely available?
Write a DAS that includes a weblink or DOI pointing to the data, and outline what license it is available under. For example: 

“Data supporting this publication can be obtained from under a Creative Commons Attribution license.”
Yes, with restrictions
No, the data is too sensitive
No new data was generated
Write a DAS that includes a correspondence address and outlines the conditions under which the data can be shared. For example: 

“Supporting data are available, subject to a non-disclosure agreement. For access please contact r[email protected]
Write a DAS that explains that nothing new has been generated. For example: 

“No new data was collected or generated in the course of this  research project.”
Write a DAS which explains that, for medical or commercial purposes, the data underlying the publication is too sensitive to share. For example:

“The data underlying this article are not available by agreement with our partners to protect their commercial confidentiality.”