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Steps for participating in Phase 3 of a pilot to assess and measure student competencies 



Student Employment


Fall '18 or Spring '19


Students with for-credit experiences this fall

Or any not-for-credit student seeking feedback

Replacement survey for your supervisor evaluation

Identify a Cohort of Students

 For colleges or academic departments that are interested, please identify a cohort of students that will substitute their supervisor evaluation with SkillSurvey, a scientifically validated solution used by millions of job seekers, after their work-related experience this fall  

Customize Emails by Department

Each college or department can customize emails sent to students and evaluators and add additional survey questions

by College & Department


Students enter a minimum of 2 evaluators (supervisors/coworkers)

Spreadsheet including first name, last name, and email

An evaluation request email is sent with a link to enter evaluators

Upload Your Students

Students Receive an Email

Students Enter Evaluators

Since students are responsible for entering the information of their direct supervisors, institutions no longer have to worry about evaluation requests being sent to HR contacts who haven't directly worked with the student

Upload and Invite Students

Supervisors, Coworkers, & Mentors

Evaluators Receive an Email 

Evaluators receive an automated email from the student with a link to complete the evaluation


minutes to complete the evaluation

Dear {Supervisor Name},

Cloud-based with built-in fraud detection

Easy for Evaluators - 
approximately 8 minutes

Ability to add your own custom questions

Evaluators rate students on 
a scale of 1-7

Complete evaluation on mobile or desktop

Evaluators Complete Evaluation

Monitor Evaluation Progress

Run detailed reports on students and evaluators

Automated reminders to students and evaluators

Review and manage finalized evaluations 

Track all communication including opens and clicks

Departments can monitor their students' evaluations through the SkillSurvey dashboard

Departments and students receive a detailed, visual report outlining how supervisors and coworkers rated each student's competencies

Maps to the 8 NACE Competencies

Provides insight into areas needed for improvement

Norming - view how students compare to real candidates

Offers a broader perspective than supervisor-only feedback

Finalize Student Feedback Reports

Your institution will be a part of a select group of institutions chosen to participate in an exclusive pilot program being run in conjunction with the NACE Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition to use a proven HR solution to measure and assess students’ ‘career readiness’ in work-related behaviors

Requires minimal program time/resources and there's no cost for the pilot 

Insight on how your students’ skills compare to real candidates in similar roles using norming and comparable data on how your institution and programs compare nationally or against similar pilot institutions in the aggregate

Provides standardization through scientifically validated questions while remaining flexible for each department to add customized questions

While internships can vary widely by college or department, this provides an opportunity for campuses to test if evaluations can best be attained through a centrally-managed survey solution which can provide more robust, university-wide reporting

Leverages proven technology to produce a minimally-invasive, maximally effective student evaluation that provides next-generation evidence similar to the university’s post-graduation outcomes survey

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