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At JEMS, we believe that learning to be responsible starts from the little things on a personal level, where a sense of responsibility goes beyond being personally responsible. It extends to being responsible towards others. And beyond being responsible for oneself and others, we also have a greater calling to being responsible for the world we live in.
In the month of October, students learnt about being responsible for taking care of themselves, their duties, classwork, the environment and many more.
I take care of myself...
I am responsible for...
Pre JJ washing my hands.
by going to the toilet.
by eating food.
by cleaning up.
by getting ready.
by eating my food.
by cleaning up.
...and my things.
J2 school bag.
my toys.
clothes and shoes.
my room.
my classwork.
my duties.
my playtime.
...doing my best.
I can do it...
Level 1
by taking a bath.
by wearing my clothes.
by throwing away the trash.
...and following mom & dad.
Level 2
by keeping myself clean.
by dressing myself up.
by tidying up my toys.
...and following mom & dad.
Junior JEMS Annual Programmes
“Our responsibility is to educate and equip these future leaders with a sense of responsibility that will help them fare well personally, relationally and for them to take care of the world they live in. After all, our children of today are our leaders of tomorrow."
Learns being responsible for our things, our time, and our money.
Learns to take responsibility for our work, tasks, priorities, and our mistakes.
Learns to take responsibility in expressing our positive and negative emotions
Blue Level
Yellow Level
Red Level
Learns to take responsibility through practicing self-control in our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.
Purple Level
Learns to take responsibility through practicing cyber-safety first!
Green Level
Learns to be responsible citizens by looking into how they contribute to and can help certain issues in the community.
Orange Level
Core JEMS Annual Programmes
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