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What is it?
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An ORCiD iD is a unique identifier, assigned to a researcher, that enables the linking of research publications, grants and outputs to their owner or creator.
Register for an ORCiD iD at
Link your ORCiD with Symplectic:
1. Log into Symplectic Elements with your College username and password
2. Scroll down the first page and click on 'ORCiD configure' to create your ORCiD iD and link it to Symlpectic
3. Log in to and populate your ORCiD profile with your professional information
4.  Symplectic will now begin to claim publications found on your ORCiD profile
You will get credit for your work and others will find it easier to find your research

An ORCID iD will move with you across institutions, ensuring continuity of identity across your academic career

You will easily be able to keep track of and report on your work to funders, publishers and institutions

You need an ORCiD iD for some grant applications
Benefits of ORCiD: