Your Donations Journey

published by Anyel Z. Fields

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Your Premiums are
Received in approx
6 to 8 weeks
If you wish to be billed, bills are sent out within a week after the conclusion of a fund drive. You  will not get your premium until your check is received.
Credit & debit cards are  processed immediately
Once KPFK receives the premiums to ship to you it takes about 1 week to package and ship all of the respective premiums via USPS
After a fund drive ends it takes 2 to 3 weeks to compile all the pledges and account for the thank you gifts & premiums we owe donors.
Paypal, credit & debit cards are processed immediately
By not choosing a premium or thank you gift your contribution makes a greater IMPACT
FACT: It takes longer to put premium packs together adding a delay to when we can ship premiums to donors
Your Donations Journey
Your Donations
Helps Us 
Path of  
Premium & Thank You Gifts
Orders are placed with the respective vendors. The premiums with the largest requests take priority.  This process takes 3 to 4 weeks based on product availability & shipping time to KPFK.
TIPIf you have questions or concerns regarding your pledge call the MAIN number for KPFK, 
(818) 985-2711. 
* The majority of premiums and 
thank you gifts are costs to the station
Power the strongest transmitter west of 
the Mississippi 
broadcasting at 
110,000 watts
Provide resources for 33 staff and over 200 volunteers to operate the station & 
produce content
Promote community events & report on 
social movements
Partner with community organizations that play a vital role in the economic and social well-being of our communities, state, nation & through out the world