FBLA NEWSLETTER September 2018

published by Angela Mojeiko

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Welcome back to school Iowa FBLA members! As your new state president, I am excited for the upcoming year of FBLA and hope you’re equally as exhilarated.

To all returning members: I am so eager to be able to spend another year full of networking and making new memories! 
To all new members: Welcome! We appreciate and thank you for deciding to be apart of the largest career student business organization in the world! You will soon love FBLA and all the new people and opportunities it will give you.

Whether you are a fresh or seasoned member, know I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to take a risk this year. Run for a local/state officer position, compete in a competitive event that you don’t know about, and create a bond with another chapter. You can only be a member of FBLA for four years, so make the most of it and be involved, it will be over before you know it.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to be following Iowa FBLA on social media, where you will find important updates with some chapter shout outs. Make the year yours. Get involved and start thinking of competitions now, because SLC will be here before you know it.

By: Levi Hoffman
Get to know your national officers
Hello Iowa FBLA! Just like Iowa gets new officers, the National organization as a whole needs officers to keep things functioning smoothly and advance our organization. However, you don’t always get the opportunity to talk with them the way you can talk to us. This year, we thought of seven questions to ask our new national officers, who will be featured throughout the year, so you can learn more about their goals and interests inside and outside of FBLA.
If you ever want to talk to our officers, you can find their emails at
By: Mary Vander Velden
Where are you from?
Dothan, Alabama
What year in school are you?
What other FBLA offices do you hold?
What other activities are you in besides FBLA?
2016-present Chapter President  
2017-2018 Alabama District 4 Vice President  
CEO of T. Rickard Productions LLC, a media productions company   
Church Praise Band Leader

To bring opportunities and make an impact to students on a national level.
Why did you run for national office?
Who has been the most influential person in your FBLA career?
My teacher
Seeing members’ success stories and the upcoming MyFBLA app.
What are you most excited for as a national officer this year?
By: Sheldon Deng
Welcome to the new membership year everyone! As the school year has begun, FBLA is looking for new members to learn about our mission and develop the qualities to become a responsible business leader. Here are some tips for your local chapter to enhance the recruiting of new members. First, create recruitment material for prospective members to get to know what FBLA is all about. This can include flyers, bulletins, and brochures to distribute around your school. Secondly, spread awareness around the school, especially during the first month as this is when students are most interested in joining school clubs. Utilizing your school’s announcements, participating in a club fair, and talking to new students are just a few methods that you can employ to boost recruitment.
 My local chapter Bettendorf FBLA has benefited from advertising in daily announcements and from having a booth at our school’s club fair; both have boosted our membership greatly! Finally, provide incentives for members who recruit the most students and for new members to join. For example, you could provide a discount for the best recruiter to attend an FBLA conference or a gift card reward. I hope these tips were helpful for the growth of your chapter, and I wish you all the best this school year!
By: Jared Middlebrook
Happy new membership year y`all! I hope everyone is having an awesome new year. In this article, we are going to outline some of the regional activities that will be happening. To start off the year, Region 2 is planning a day to meet in Des Moines, Iowa. As of now we are planning to meet at Wells Fargo Arena and attend an Iowa Wild Game. The Wild have been nice enough to offer Region 2 a behind the scenes tour of Wells and how they operate. At this tour Region 2 chapters can gain access to our experienced Iowa Wild professionals that will show your FBLA program behind the scenes of the business operations incorporated with presenting a professional sporting event. The tour is scheduled an hour and a half before the game. There will also be a Q&A following the tour for any members who would like to ask questions about the the business side of the Iowa Wild and Wells Fargo. I will be emailing all the chapters in Region 2 with the date and details. We hope you can come! 
Hello Iowa FBLA members! I hope you all had a great summer, and are ready to jump into a new school year! With the new school year upon us, it’s time to start thinking of ways to fundraise for your upcoming FBLA year. Whether it’s paying for conferences or just annual expenses, here are a few ways to raise funds this year:

Pancake breakfast - Your chapter could plan and organize a pancake breakfast. Create a sign-up for members where they can designate who is to bring the necessities - plates, forks, syrup, etc.

Haunted house - Waukon FBLA always has a great time organizing their annual haunted house, and it’s a great way for your chapter members to interact with the community!

Bake sale - Bake sales are simple, but can be very effective in raising funds! Your chapter could create a voluntary sign up, or designate a certain amount of baked goods for each member to provide.

Make $$$ for your chapter
By:  Katelyn Benzing
Getting the year started and gaining momentum can be a challenging task… Here are some ideas and opportunities to take advantage of this membership year!!!

Create a POW (Program of Work)
Creating a plan for the year with your local officers can help you stay on track for the year and act as something to look back on to achieve your goals. Talk to a State Officer or Advisor about how to make a POW to work towards a great school year.

Host a Dance Or Game Night Before Or After A Home Competition
This is a great way to step away from the work involved with FBLA, and into the fun and networking side of things .It can be used as a fundraiser, and/or just a fun time to get to know your members.

Set Aside Time For Members To Work On BAA’s CAA’s and FBLAOPOLY
As a leader, it is important to know that everyone is at different levels of involvement and ability. Giving set aside time for members who want to go above and beyond in the program is a good way to allow everyone to work at their own pace and give members the opportunity to work one on one with other members and their advisor.

Invite a Local Business Owner to Speak to Your Chapter
Business owners and entrepreneurs love to talk about their business and accomplishments. Take advantage of this!!! An opportunity to learn is always a good opportunity taken. Doing this on a consistent basis is a great and easy way to help keep your local chapter active. Clinton has night meetings where we invite local business representatives to come and speak with our members.

By: Trevor Bitner
See you soon!