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What technologies make the Internet work?
  • The internet is an essential tool for modern education, entertainment, and communication. Here are some key processes and programming languages that make up the internet
How does a device connect to a webpage?
1. User enters a website URL into a web browser
2. A Domain Name Server (DNS) lookup finds the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the website
3. The device then uses the received IP address to contact the web server
4. Finally, the web server sends the  page to the device, where it is displayed in the browser
What programming languages do developers use?
  • Many of the most popular programming languages are used primarily to build the internet
Popularity of Programming Languages: Most Commonly Used
source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
Types of Development
source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
  • These programming languages are used in different pieces of the internet puzzle, but are brought together by different teams of developers
What are each of them
used for?
  • Displaying and structuring for webpages
  • Original front end for all web pages
  • Stylizing and adding themes to web pages
  • Creating¬† databases of user data or other data
  • Adding dynamic changes to webpages by using JS programs within them
  • Similar to JS in terms of syntax, but usually compiled and run outside of the browser
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Created by Alex Thornton, Pranay Patel, and Tyler Schultz for James Nichols's CIS1254 class
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Formatting and structuring web pages
  • Retrieving data with queries