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On Course
A Newsletter of the Dartmouth College Registrar's Office
Fall  2018
Extra Saturday of Classes
Fall term 2018 the Committee on Instruction added two Saturday "special day of classes" to avoid the term start on a major religious holiday, Rosh Hashanah. (The College opened with this schedule one time before, in 2015, also to avoid a term start on a major religious holiday). Whether a Professor uses those days is up to the Professor since there are X-hours which can be used to supplement regularly scheduled class hours.The next “special day” is October 20.
DartWorks major additions continue
Currently @ 80% of students have one or more of their majors in DartWorks. It allows students to view both general education and major progress towards degree completion. This summer majors in Engineering, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Hispanic Studies, and Romance Languages were added and more are underway this fall.Thanks to all the departments and programs that have partnered with us to deliver this service to students.
Did you know...
Which of the following is true?

When the Dartmouth Charter was established:

(see page 2)
  • George the Third was monarch in England;
  • Ebenezer Wheelock was a Doctor of Divinity in Lebanon, NH, in the Colony of Connecticut;
  • Rev. Samson Occom was an Indian minister who had been educated by Ebenezer Wheelock;
  • All of the above
New Curriculum - progress made; next steps ongoing
DCARS, Dartmouth’s Course Approval Routing System was modified this summer to support the new curriculum which goes into effect with next year’s class. Continuing students will start to see two sets of requirements on new courses and are reminded that those that apply to them are the current requirements.

Departments and Programs are reminded that the due date for returning course spreadsheets to the Registrar’s Office with their new requirement attributes is October 15.
Dartmouth terminology - what is...
Dartmouth terminology can be rather baffling at times. What is a "bounce list," "citation," or "non-recording option (NRO)?" Or the "DartWorks planner," "Curricular Guidelines," or "FSP?" These definitions and others are included in our newly added Glossary of Dartmouth Terminology on the Registrar website. Suggestions for additions are welcome.
Click here for the Glossary of Dartmouth Terminology
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All of the above!

See the Dartmouth College Charter, linked to
Did you know... answer
Dartmouth's Sestercentennial (250 years) website.

Celebrations in calendar year 2019 - watch for specifically designated 250th celebration courses.
Promotion - Kristen Murphy
Many of you have worked with Kristen Murphy, who has been promoted to the position of Assistant Registrar for Systems.

Kristen shares a bit about accepting her new position "My promotion to Assistant Registrar for Systems is an opportunity for me to expand certain areas of my expertise in the Registrar’s Office and learn new areas altogether. With my Service Specialist background and skills and knowledge acquired in my new position, I will be a more valuable member to our office. During this change, I’ve also shifted many former responsibilities to Courtney, which has been an opportunity to expand knowledge within our office, review certain processes, and create documentation if needed. 

"I am excited to work with different people on campus who I did not get to interact much with before. For example, this summer I met many faculty members reviewing transfer student credit, and most recently, Jose Sinclair and I met with incoming transfer students as part of their orientation."
New staff member - Courtney Bedillion
We are pleased to share with you that Courtney Bedillion joined our staff as Service Specialist last spring. Courtney is a recent graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, PA and has experience working in a variety of positions in the areas of customer service and psychology.

Courtney has assumed many of the duties formerly held by Kristen. Courtney says of her new position “The Service Specialist position has been a strong introduction to working in Higher Education, where I have the opportunity to support both faculty and students in their educational efforts. The Dartmouth College community has been remarkably welcoming, and I am excited to continue to work with students, staff, and faculty from different departments on campus.”
Additional Highlights
Ever wonder what a Registrar does?
Probably not, and we recognize that most people have no idea what we do. But if you ever get curious, check out The Registrar’s Office Annual Report. For example, you probably didn’t know that we receive over 29,000 inquiries per year, and while “communications” is 35% of our total time, the remainder is “behind the scenes” work needed to support systems and processes. Note we also administered 943 student petitions and managed the scheduling and offering of 2,140 courses.
Click here for the Registrar's Office Annual Report