Americans in Crisis Web Site Creation Directions

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Americans in Crisis Web Site Creation
Honors American Literature/Composition
Your Purpose
Through creating a web site, you will invite your audience to share your group's experience reading about, researching, and discussing how people use their inner vital resources to handle a crisis
Envision your future:
Most of your professional writing will involve digital formats, platforms, and techniques
This assessment provides you the opportunity to prepare for your future writing and to showcase skills and knowledge you have gained in this course
Images and words combine to achieve your purpose
Read chapter on webpage design
Determine  your web page theme, focus, or topic. It must synthesize your Americans in Crisis book and combined research
Choose a web site template and plan your site
As you design and fill your site, return to this infographic often to ensure you are meeting the requirements.
Ask for feedback from another group
Score yourself using rubric then revise site
Plan and prepare
Your design, diction, syntax, layout, images, and content must all achieve the high logical, ethical version of rhetoric (not one of the lower forms).

What are you arguing? Who is your audience? How will you achieve your intention? How can you most effectively appeal to your audience?
Think of your web site as a forum where you share your group's discoveries with your audience. Choose a focus/theme/topic and then invite your audience into your group's discovery discussion.

Because you are creating a web site, you must decide how to present and how to approach your sharing. Picture your audience and engage them as you achieve the requirements (listed in next two blocks).

Before planning your site, see the content and web components requirements below.

  • Clarify the book's central crisis 
  • State each group member's research topic
  • Detail three pieces of information you learned in the book that interest you and explain why you find these interesting (and, of course, you must interest your audience too!)
  • Include three surprising facts you learned from the book and explain why these surprised you (will they surprise your audience too?)
  • Quote three examples of the book's imagery and explain why each effectively achieved the author's purpose
  • Share how your group's various research topics create a synthesized picture of people surviving crises
  • Describe how the various views on crisis management (about which you learned in your collective research) converge 
  • Explain the inner vital resource that each group member analyzed in his/her research and tell how that vital resource helped for that specific crisis
  • Specify how your audience can apply your discoveries if they encounter a crisis
  • Provide a correctly formatted MLA Works Cited

Review the rubric and use it as you create your site to ensure you include all requirements effectively 
Label each of these requirements on your web site. Don't copy the requirements verbatim (doing so would make your website awkward). Instead, label with key phrases. For example using the sixth bullet: Synthesized Picture
  • At least 3 pages
  • Links to research articles mentioned in your site (see content requirements)
  • 3 additional links to something to which you want to introduce your audience
  • Photos on each page (your own or available from web app)
  • Other graphics/images on each page
  • Anything else to enhance your site such as a gallery, downloads, video etc.

Impress me!
Amaze me!
Wow me!
Let your imagination and creativity guide you. What would your audience enjoy? What would interest your audience? How can you move beyond the assignment requirements to enhance your purpose?