July 2018 Report

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July 2018 

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Coordinator's Report
by Katie Thomson, Advice & Information Coordinator

We saw again declining numbers accessing the Hub this month - perhaps reflective of the lovely weather we had!  However, we know from our friends at F3 that this was their busiest year yet, and had to appeal for more donations to top up to ensure everyone got the help they needed throughout the summer holidays.  

One scheme that's helping with food poverty and reducing food waste is the Broomhead Community Pantry.  Started by the Welfare Support and Adult Basic Education Services, the Community Pantry works with FairShare to sell food that otherwise would be destined for landfill.  Every week at the Broomhead Community Flat, the residents can fill a bag with 6 items of their choice for £1.  The stock is a mixture of ambient, fresh and frozen foods, such as fresh vegetables, meat, tins, dairy and cereals. This gives the residents opportunities to try new foods, and to take part in cooking classes.  Eventually, we hope this will be rolled out throughout Dunfermline, including having a community pantry here at the Hub. 

With our Partners, Fife Children's Clothing Bank, we gave out more lucky dip bags, and extended the selection to School Uniforms.  Many families benefited from an extra uniform or baby clothes, either swapping for things they didn't need, paying £2, or volunteering for half an hour.  This also helped clear out excess stock we had!

Everyone is finding things tough - but there are lots of community initiatives that are based on giving people a hand up, rather than a hand out.  At the Hub, we have always tried to recognise that those in poverty have value, skills and something to contribute.  We want to ensure that those who attend here are not seen as "cases", but as people who have aspirations and skills, and we need to work together to bring out the best in each other as a community.

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We are committed to making the Hub a space where everyone feels welcome, respected and comfortable with being who they are.

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