Country and Culture Research

published by Sue Doherty (POL)

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This page has links to reliable websites, library databases, and other resources to help you with your project. 

World Language 
Country and Culture Research 
Encylopedia Databases 

General reference sources.  
Broad background information on a wide variety of subjects.  
Password needed.  Look here. 
Must be logged into Google to access.
Research Databases 
Multisource Databases

Contain a variety of types of sources. 
 Reference books, magazines, newspapers, images, and more in one place. 

Search below for even more databases.  
Travel Guides 
Image Resources 
ImageQuest is all images.  Each image is described and contains a link to a full citation. 
Password needed.  Look here. 
Must be logged into Google to access.
DPLA has images, text, and more from many different sources.  Search for your topic and then click on the left for images only. Contains formatted citations. Some may need minor tweaking. 
Tips for Google Image Searches
Visit the web page the image is posted on to learn more about it.
Open up the preview image.  
Look for large, clear images with no watermarks. 
On the web page, look for captions that tell more about the photo, such as what is happening, where and when it's happening, and photo credits.  
Cite the image as an "image (born digital)" in NoodleTools or NoodleTools Express, or by following the format below:  Contributor(s)Title of Photo/ImageDateName of Website
          PublisherDate of PublicationURL.
Note: Contributor means the photographer, illustrator, or other artist. 

If you are not required to cite images, you should at least record the URL of the page it's posted on so you can find it later if you need to.  
1. When searching for images on Google, results often don't give you information so you know for sure what you are looking at. 
2. If you find an image that seems promising,  open the link to the page the image is posted on.   
     Do the website, web page, and author seem reliable and trustworthy?  
     Do the authors provide any captions or descriptions so you know the image connects to your topic?  
3. If the web page seems reliable, and the image is something you want to use for your project, you should create a citation using information from the web page the image is posted on. 
Copyright free images.  No attribution required. 
NoodleTools Express 
You can use your school NoodleTools account to create a works cited or resource list, or you can create quick citations without logging into your account by using NoodleTools Express.  

Note: You will have to copy/paste any citations created in NoodleTools Express right away since they won't be saved to your account. 
MLA Citations
Using NT Express to Create Book and Web Citations
Resource Guide curated by S. Doherty, 
Pollard Middle School, 
Needham, MA
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Header Image: Six circular gouache paintings of Hindu gods. Bottom left: Chandra. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 26 Sep 2018.
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