Culture of Honor

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Culture of Honor:

Not just for boys anymore

Culture of Honor defines a "real man" as someone who defends their reputation at all costs, even with violence if needed.  


Culture of Honor States

Culture of Honor states have been found to have twice as many school shootings as other states (Brown, Osterman, & Barnes, 2009).

Did you know...?

Culture of Honor theory (Nisbett & Cohen, 1996) has been used to explain the differences in the Northern and Southern United States in terms of aggression, violent crime, and even school shootings.

Women who endorse the Culture of Honor beliefs have been labeled "keepers of the code" For reinforcing the cultural norms and holding men, implicitly or explicitly, to this norm.

The endorsement of this norm includes endorsement of the use of violence to defend one’s honor. So what happens when Southern students – male or female – are disrespected at school? Does endorsing the culture of honor predict female aggression?

Our Study

Our study included 204 males and 248 females. As expected, males scored higher than females on endorsing honor ideology . But when it came to differences in the average number of self-reported perpetuation of aggression, it was honor ideology, not gender, that predicted differences, especially for physical aggression. Those high in honor ideology were 10% more likely to be physically aggressive. 

When it came to predicting who would retaliate against those who were aggressive towards them, gender differences emerged but endorsement of an honor ideology was a much stronger predictor. This is important as the honor ideology is largely a defensive –more so than offensive – norm; about defendingone’s honor.

The only time neither gender nor honor ideology mattered was for choosing to retaliate against cyberbullying.

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Mississippi State University & The National Institute of Justice

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