2018 FLW Races Post Event Report

published by kristibraun

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2151 people* participated in the Races

Participants by Age

Participants by Race

Post Event Report

Participants by Gender

race registration data

Participantby Location

62.6% of IL = Oak Park/River Forest residents

(*approximately 4000 total participants and spectators attended the Races)

  • How did you hear about Frank Lloyd Wright Races?

  • What motivated you to sign up for the Races?


self reported post event survey data

* top results include, but are not limited to Google Search, Fleet Feet Newsletter, Running Websites

(option to select more than 1 response)

  • What was your overall experiecne at the Frank Lloyd Wright Races?

  • Do you plan to participate again in the future?


  • Have you participated in the Frank Lloyd Wright Races in the past?

2018 Sponsors

Harmony Health Plan

2018 Supporter  Trader Joe's

Program Guide

  • Summer 2018

  • Fall 2018

Park District of Oak Park's Program Guide is distributed to all 25,000 Oak Park Residents

release date: 1st weekend in May

release date: 4th weekend in July


  • 4 pre-race banners were displayed throughout the community (June - October).

  • 1 thank-you sponsor banner was displayed at the Races and displayed post-race at Ridgeland Common

  (10/22/18 - 11/5/18).

Flyers, Postcards

  • 5000 postcards distributed to local running stores in Chicagloland area, at community events, and to local businesses (June - October)

  • 1000 11x17 flyers displayed at all Park District of Oak Park facilities, parks, and distributed to local businesses

  (June - October)

Wednesday Journal Ads

  • A total of 15 weekly ads were placed in the Wednesday Journal (6/1/18 - 10/15/18)

  • 4000 total race participants and spectators

Race Day On-Site Signage

1604 people LIKE Frank Lloyd Wright Races Facebook page

Digital Marketing

email campaigns





70+  posts January 2018 - October 2018

Email Campaings

Frank Lloyd Wright Races email blasts consistently met or exceeded industry open and click through rates.

Click on an icon to view the eblast

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eblast #2

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eblast #4

eblast #5

eblast #6

  • "I love this race!  Beautiful course, well organized, great to have the school to go into pre and post race, great post race food and vendors.  Well done.  Thanks!" 

  • "great race"

  • "Coming up for this is a family tradition and we absolutely love the race and how amazing the town is!  Will run for architecture"

  • " the t-shirts"

  • "Volunteers are great/helpful"

  • "The addition of signs marking the Frank Lloyd Wright houses (were) a welcome new race feature"

  • "Beautiful race"

What participants are saying about the Races

  • "starting the race at 8am in late October is a real challenge..."

  • "clearer course markings.  More water"

  • "Bring back the cotton t-shirts"

  • "medals for everyone"

  • "make sure everyone has a race photo"

  • "Mark the Frank Lloyd homes through the track so they are noticed while running"

  • "start line not organized by pace"

  • "Go to performance t-shirt and bring back the pancakes"


...and there are always suggestions for improvements