Aspiring Communities Project Conclusion

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Summary Report on Stakeholder Activities

10 June 2018

Katie Thomson, Advice and Information Coordinator


The Dunfermline Advice Hub became operational in 2015 as a collaborative project led by the Dunfermline Poverty Action Group (DPAG), to mitigate the impact of welfare reform. The DPAG creates an opportunity to develop stronger, more collaborative relationships between practitioners, creating greater reach to deliver person-centered services.

In 2016, the Local Authority Support Team (LAST) from Scottish Government, worked with the Hub, to develop the model further.  LAST recommended that the Hub Stakeholders should develop, nurture and strengthen relationships to build trust, both with stakeholders and citizens, and that to do this, the Aspiring Communities Fund would be ideal to providing the necessary support to do so.  

The Hub, with support from the DPAG, applied for the Aspiring Communities Fund to to carry out a project that would create a greater sense of collective ownership of the Hub, and to ensure its longer-term sustainability.  With this grant, the Hub recruited a full-time Partnership Coordinator, and carried out a range of activities. 


One To One Interviews

30 Individuals from 17 Organisations Inteviewed

Stakeholders Events

3 Events held

50 Participants attended

Networking/Training Events

2 Events Held

21 Participants attended

Total Participation

Citizen Engagement

Whilst our project was primarily aimed at engaging with our stakeholders, we still wanted to ensure that Hub Citizens were included in our activities.

Citizen feedback and consultation is core to the Hub’s values, and is performed continuously using the Talking Wall facility.

Since the Talking Wall’s creation in July 2016, much of the Hub’s direction and development

has been directly influenced by feedback collected from citizen and partners who have attended the Hub.

We asked our citizens what they'd like to see in our new facility.

What would you like to see at our New Hub?

  • Visible staff (not locked away in rooms)

  • Nice rooms for counselling

  • Staff area to have lunch and put bags

  • Keep it warm and friendly

  • Good Kitchen facilities - maybe a washing machine and dryer?

  • Comfy space to chill

  • Good Storage

  • Central heating!!

  • Paid cleaner

  • Wall Clock

  • Keep in infomal

  • More Phones

Formalise Partnership Agreements:

Throughout all our activities, our Stakeholders highlighted key themes, which we will now endeavour to take forward in our future planning:


Arrangements at the Hub have been very casual, and a more formal arrangement would be recommended.  However, at this stage, a service level agreement may be too formal, therefore, a Memorandum Of Understanding would be more appropriate

Develop a Client Relationship Management System:

The CRM system could incorporate systems to highlight gaps in service provision, reflect current evaluation and monitoring process of stakeholders, and create robust referral pathways that are preventative, timely and relevant.

Develop and deliver more information sharing activities

Creating more networking and training opportunities for stakeholders would be beneficial, therefore, creating a training programme in consultation with stakeholders would be recommended.

We also need to recognise what success looks like at the Hub:

  • effective service delivery

  • information giving

  • direct referrals and partners working together

  • Co-location and services under one roof

  • localised services and local knowledge

Although the Hub has had significant success over the past two years, there has equally had some challenges that we have learned from, which will influence how we take the project further. Irrespective of these challenges, all partners recognise that partnership in true sense encompasses:


  • integrated services

  • a personal stake in the partnership

  • recognition that we work with the same citizens

  • having the same ethos and aims

  • importance of building sustainability

For more information:

Katie Thomson, Advice and Information Coordinator

7 Douglas Street, Dunfermline, KY12 7EB

01383 432483

[email protected]

Project delivered with support from: