Cardiff University Press Annual Report - September 2018

published by Tracey Andrews

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Annual Report - September 2018

The last academic year has been very significant for Cardiff University Press, with the launch of our new journal publishing platform and blog, and preparations for our forthcoming monograph publishing programme. Here are some highlights of Press activity over the past 12 months.

Growth of the Press

Since its launch in summer 2015, the Press has grown to include nine active journals, five with student involvement. A further two journals and one working paper series have been accepted for publication.  Nine Schools and all three Colleges are now represented.

Page views

Since the move to the new platform in October 2017, the impact of the Press, as measured by page views, has taken a large step up from an average of 86 to 656 views per month.





The Press facilitates international research collaboration. Authors this year have been based in seventeen countries on five continents. 

International engagement

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