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The e cig is the same size as a regular cigarette and very closely resembles one, from the thick vapor produced by it, to the LED light on the tip that glows with every drag. In fact, the vapor produced by the e cig is so passive that you are able to use the e cig anywhere, regardless of anti-smoking laws, because the vapor isn’t considered secondhand smoke. For instance, the electronic cigarette does not contain any tar or carbon monoxide because the vaporization process does not involve anything being burned and creating those byproducts.With the electronic cigarette you also have the ability to select different flavor blends and nicotine strengths of the liquid cartridges.By making use of innovative new technology the electronic cigarettes makes tobacco and all the undesirable aspects associated with it things of the past.

. The electronic cigarette (or e cig, as it is sometimes called) is a small device that utilizes vaporization to turn a nicotine liquid into a mist that is extremely similar to smoke.The e cigarette sets itself apart from traditional smoking in a variety of ways. You can also specify whether you would like your liquid cartridge to be High, Medium, Low, or Non-Nicotine in nicotine content. You have complete control to suit your experience with the e cig to your personal needs. The vapor is also odorless, which means you and your surroundings will never smell like smoke and be offensive to other people. Home, the office, restaurants, the pub, and even airplanes— you can use your e cigarette practically anywhere.There is a new smoking alternative surfacing across the country that is truly giving tobacco cigarettes a run for their money. There is a wide variety of different flavors from trigger sprayer traditional “Tobacco” to a slightly less conventional “Chocolate” and everything in between.Because of all these advantages the electronic cigarette has developed through the use of technology, a truly outstanding alternative to smoking is now available to any smoker ready for something new.

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