Building Engaged Schools November Newsletter 2018

published by Amy Sasscer

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Building Engaged Schools


Thank you to our investors for your financial support as we pursue
introduction of the strengths-based approach to learning and life in our
public education system.

Thank you to our partners for their leadership in introducing a strengths-
based culture in our public schools.

November, 2018

Together we have made tremendous progress!

Building Engaged Schools Fund Investors:

Building Engaged Schools Partners:

  • Dare County School District – Dr. John Farrelly, Superintendent

  • Dare Education Foundation –Tim Cafferty, Chairman and Amy Sasscer, Executive Director

  • ~45 students went through strengths sessions last spring; identified strengths-based vocations/careers, reviewed informational interview tool

  • Met in October to refresh students and get updates on their informational interviews

  • Will have additional sessions to continue review and feedback on Informational Interviews for 11th and 12th graders, and affirmation and ownership for 9th and 10th graders

Strengths-based Initiatives:

First Flight High School, AVID Students

School District Staff

  • Completed strengths workshop on Oct 30th for ~75 teachers

  • Planning session with school leadership team to identify reinforcement and support of teachers as they apply their talents to go from good to great

Nags Head Elementary School

Manteo Seniors

  • 16 seniors completed assessment

  • Met Nov 1 and 6th for 30 minutes with students

  • Additional sessions being scheduled

Manteo 9th graders

  • All 9th graders have taken the assessment this fall

  • Multiple sessions planned for December and January

  • Recently purchased Gallup High School Strengths Development Curriculum will be used

Manteo High School Teachers

  • 45 talent assessment codes purchased for teachers

  • Assessments to be completed in November

  • Teacher strengths workshop to be scheduled

Manteo High School

Dare Learning Academy

  • Strengths workshop held in November for principal and staff

  • 35 codes procured for DLA students

  • Schedule for student sessions to be determined

  • Completed strengths session for principals and district staff in August

    • Gallup’s newly published Strengths Curriculum guides distributed to all staff

District Counselors

Below is a summary of our efforts to date. We are excited about the
partnerships and progress with the school district and Dare Education
Foundation and look forward to continued success over the school year.

  • Completed strengths session for 13 district counselors in August

  • New DEF-BES agreement signed in October for another year

  • Continuing to use Clifton Student portal for code procurement and management

  • DEF has signed one year contract with Gallup for the Gallup Access Portal for teacher/admin codes and learning tools

  • Robert initiated an informal brainstorming discussion with Gallup on funding possibilities for bringing Strengths Coaching training to OBX, including offering a donated beach home for a week for the Instructor’s use

  • If you would like to learn more about building engaged schools or would like to contribute to the Building Engaged Schools Fund, contact Amy with DEF, or Robert or Geof with BES

Dare Education Foundation-Building Engaged Schools Partnership

  • Geof Fountain 803-295-7581

  • Robert Konstanzer 252-207-8611

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Building Engaged Schools Fund Volunteers:

Upcoming Business Strengths Workshops

  • Dec 6 and 7 - Workshops for new employees scheduled with Twiddy & Co