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Why it needs improvement.

Survey taken October 8, 2018

The Commuter Lounge?

In the church under croft, there is a space designated for commuter students however, a survey was taken and the result showed that it could use some improvement and some students did not even know there was a space for commuters.

The choices were as follows -

- It isn't great, could use some improvement

- We have a commuter lounge?

- It's alright, nothing special

- It's all I could ask for as a commuter!

Melissa Zimmer - [email protected]

Megan Limberg - [email protected]

Elizabeth Grzan - [email protected]


So, what now?

Numerous people have been trying to come up with a plan how to improve the space. Currently, there is a new microwave in the space, however the Servant Leadership class at CUW has taken the commuter lounge as their service project for the year.

According to two members of the Servant Leadership class, Elizabeth Grzan and Megan Limberg, this isn't a project that can happen over night, but they have been in talks with SGA of how their project can be come a reality.

Propose Plan to SGA

SGA Approves Plan

SGA Replaces Current Funiture and Update Space