Simplify Your In-kind Giving Program

published by Boult Rayn

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Simplify Your In-kind Giving Program

The donation of goods and services, as opposed to monetary gifts or grants, can provide an excellent opportunity for both the contributing company and the nonprofit, enabling a company to be more generous than it might have been otherwise.

Every company has something to offer when it comes to in-kind donations. So don’t forget about the tremendous value of this form of giving, and apply a little thought and creativity to the question of how your business’s unique profile can be of distinct service to a nonprofit in your community. The possibilities are endless!

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In-kind giving simplified

Our web-based platform can be customized to meet the exact needs of your in-kind giving programs. Our polished, concise, and user-friendly system is designed to guide you through the item donation management process and streamline each step.

For example, administrators simply log in to DonationXchange to create, edit, and customize application forms to collect all the information you require. Handling item donation requests has never been easier!

Transform your giving process

                              transforms item donation management and giving routines by placing the entire process online. All in-kind giving initiatives are tracked in one central location. Once you have created and embedded your custom item donation request form onto your website, organizations can submit charitable donation requests online.

Simply follow the easy step-by-step process within the platform to manage each request from start to finish:

  • Submit: Applicants submit donation requests through a customized online request form.

  • Receive: Receive requests from qualified organizations in real time.

  • Assess: Review and track donation requests electronically and in detail.

  • Accept: Click “approve,” “decline,” or “review” to initiate the next steps in processing.

  • Fulfill: Pull from available inventory and preset response letter templates.

  • Report: Manage monthly and annual campaign tracking, budget, and community impact.

  • Archive: Close a donation cycle, and generate year-end reports for taxes and accounting.

  • Manage: Implement efficient workflow, electronic response, and integrated shipping options.