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published by Potenza Atiogbe

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Open Access Journals: 

Free, Quality, Peer reviewed evidence based resources to support patient care 

             Open University H818                     The Networked Practitioner Online Conference 2019

Theme: Implementation 

Format: Workshop

Potenza Atiogbe


February 15th

11.45am - 12.00pm

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Audio version

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Play this short video produced by the University of Guelph Library (2018) to find out some key facts about

Open Access Journals.

What is Open Access?

I will be discussing the findings from my pilot implementation workshop in a hospital setting. The workshop is about showing healthcare workers how to access Open Access Journals (OAJs) and dispel myths about them not being peer reviewed and poor quality journals.

Transcript for the What is Open Access video

No Passwords 

Free re-use 

Peer reviewed

Advantages of using OAJs at the point of care 

Saves time 

Open Access Journals: Background



Launch of the Budapest Open Access Initiative 



Long-term open access to their journal collection (BioMed Central Ltd, 2002)

Launch of BioMed Central 'Open Access Charter'



Recommended the Gold Open Access route (Finch, 2012)

Finch Report 



As of 2020  "all scientific articles" in Europe must be freely accessible (The Netherlands EU Presidency, 2016)

European Union (EU)  Announcement

Outlined principles for open access to research publications

(Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2002)

Academic libraries are  advocating OAJ usage through workshops, library guides and more. They cite a number of benefits including time savings, cost savings and free quality research information (Woodruff Library, 2015).

There is minimal literature to show that UK hospital libraries are advocating OAJ usage. My project aims to advocate OAJ use and realise the benefits for patient care  (Look and Marsh,  2012).

The open access movement dates from 1966. Here are some key dates in the recent history of OAJs.

Share your views

Please tell me in one or two words your comments on using and accessing open access journals.

Results will be shared during my presentation.


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CREDITS: Both images downloaded from Pixabay under a CC0 Creative Commons License - Free for commercial use and  no attribution required