Chegg VS Course Hero

published by yuval aharon

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Chegg VS Course Hero

Chegg is an online textbook rental company that is based in the United States of America; precisely they operate in Santa Clara and California. Chegg also have some great skill or knowledge in online course book rentals which are both in the physical and higher arrangements that includes assignment help, grants and ephemeral job coordinating and internet mentoring.

In addition, it allows students or educators to rent and purchase textbooks at discounted process. Students can access Chegg study, which includes its Textbook solutions as well as Expert questions and answers, attributes. These services cost $14.95 every month and the tutoring services cost at an additional $15 every week.

Course Hero is an online learning platform where students and educators can access more than 20 million course specific study resources. It also includes comprehensive user contributed study documents that will enable students or educators get enlightened, have full understanding and master all core concepts.

Course Hero also has tutors that are available24 hours, every day and are equipped to answer any kind of question with detailed explanation. Students who are aiming at using Course Hero can begin subscription at $9.95 every month.

In details, you will get to find the big differences between Course Hero and Chegg. At least three differences will be listed below;


COURSE HERO: it has free content unlocked by uploading your own study documents or by subscription for $9.95 every month.

CHEGG: students or educators can have access to textbook solutions and expert questions and answers for about $14.95 monthly.


COURSE HERO: it has study guides, videos, and illustrations for popular courses that include literature, economics, US history, and many more.

CHEGG: Chegg gives solutions to textbook problems along with questions frequently asked and answered by students.


COURSE HERO: it possesses practice issues that will aid prepare you for exams.

CHEGG: they do not have practice issues attribute.