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About Strategos

Strategos has been a company since 2002 and has helped protect people, school, churches, and businesses from physical harm

Strategos has 9 school safety courses to choose from; One of their top “courses” is PREVAIL and and teaches the trainees how to overcome a school shooter

  • Run toward the sound of gunfire to confirm that the threat was real

  • Engaged in “normalcy bias” – denying that they’re under attack despite overwhelming evidence

  • Freeze in place instead of taking fundamental actions such as locking a door

Strategos Cources

Strategos suggestions of things not to do

Strategos and Lee's summit schools

  • Strategos and Lee's Summit have been working together for 5 years to train our teachers

  • The teachers attend a 4 hour "train the trainer" course every other year

  • They have trained 150,000 people and counting

  • They show a variety of videos on their website for things to do and not to do during a threat

Teacher's thoughts about strategos

"With having training, and understanding the importance of the door's being locked at all times and how to direct me students and keep them from freaking out" - Victoria Galegor-Science teacher

"I feel that having this training while help me prepare for a intruder and how to protect my kids from harm" - Matt Good-Debate teacher