Lydia Kallas - Gymnastics Statistics

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Lydia Kallas' Stats

Marin Elite Gymnastics Academy (2013-2019)

Average Placing When In Top-5

Kallas has competed in a total of 39 competitions since 2013 and 50% the time she has placed in the top-5.

Average Scores

When determining one's overall score, scores from each individual skill (Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor) are added up and scored out of a maximum amount of ten.

In an average tournament, upwards of 100 people compete all hungry for a high placing, yet Kallas remains so dominant.

Average Scores Over The Years

As the years go on and Kallas moves up level rankings, the competition only grows larger and the skill level only raises, yet Kallas remains successful and her score has only slowly risen over the years. 

Infographic by Aaron Kim

Data courtesy of MyMeetScores