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Fortnite as of late has discharged the refresh 7.10 which referenced to convey some new things and highlights to the Battle Royale and Save The World modes. Also, the most up to date thing which seems to exhibit from this refresh is Boombox.
Presently don't get tricked by the name, this recently thing professed to be amazing, with each impact of music, Boombox will pulverize structures and have a gigantic effect on 1v1 firefights, particularly between two players which like to construct. On the off chance that you toss it down toward the beginning of a battle, it will make it difficult for your adversary to spam the dividers.
Throughout the previous two weeks, the fans have been energized with the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenge in the monstrous Battle Royale people group. What's more, yesterday, Epic has paralyzed the fans with evacuated the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenge occasion early.
Everybody in the Fortnite people group was imagining that regardless they have a couple of days to complete the difficulties and procure some selective prizes from the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenge. Every day another free test was accessible for the players to finish. At that point, for reasons unknown, Epic has chosen to end the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges sooner than what they advised to the players.
This ludicrous choice certainly has baffled the dependable devotees of Fortnite. For that, Epic has made an official declaration to apologize and furthermore give away unconditional present to the players who finished no less than one test amid the occasion,
All things considered, this misconception seemed all as a result of online life. On the off chance that we center around the title, the name "14 Days of Fortnite" itself shows as a restricted time occasion. What's more, presently Epic Games is simply ensuring that everybody is cheerful and won't make this little misjudging turns into an issue. In this way, the Equalizer Glider came as an answer for repay the players who have been finishing the difficulties step by step

Test 1: Use a X-4 Stormwing plane in 5 distinct matches
In the primary test, you need to utilize the X-4 Stormwing plane in five unique matches. This recently presented place can be discovered effectively all through the guide, so ensure you hop into it and begin your ride to finish the test.
Test 2: Launch Fireworks
The second test expects you to flame no less than 3 firecrackers that can be found indiscriminately areas in the guide. The firecrackers will shape like rockets stuck over the ground, and you should simply actuate and dispatch them to the air.
For clue you on the area of 3 firecrackers:
You can locate the primary rocket close to the stones marginally north simple of Wailing Woods
The second one is on the northwest of The Block.
The third one you can go to the Motel, where it will be only west of it.

Test 3:

Eliminate Opponents at Expedition Outpost

Here you are entrusted to vanquish the adversaries at the Expedition Outpost, which can be discovered spread out around the


Look at the guide, discover the foes, and motivate your slaughters to finish this test. 

Test 4

In test 4, there will be three phases of difficulties you should total in a predetermined grouping, and they are:

Stage 1: Destroy 3 seats

Stage 2: Destroy 3 utility shafts

Stage 3: Destroy 3 wooden palettes