Malaria in Uganda, Africa

published by Lydia

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in Uganda, Africa
This is how many people in Uganda have been killed by malaria.
Population: 36,345,860
This is Uganda.
In 2012, 15, 632 people died from malaria.*
of people in Uganda
have a high risk of catching malaria.
This is how many people are at risk.
That's 32,711,274 people.**
Raise money for malaria nets.
Learn more about malaria.
Donate money to fight malaria.
Volunteer your time.
One malaria net = $10.00***.
The annual World Malaria Report is a good place to start.
Check out NETwork Against Malaria and Malaria No More.
You can sell jewelry, host a bake sale, or work with a local church.
This is how you can help.
Source: World Health Organization's 2013 "World Malaria Report" appendicies. *There is no official data for malaria deaths in Uganda, Africa before 2001. **Ninety percent of the population of Uganda is at high-risk of malaria, but 100% of the population is at a low-to-high risk. ***Malaria nets are treated with insecticides and save an average of two people (