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Gatsby is that you?
Talk of the town Jay Gatsby is known for his extravagant parties, slick looks, and the amount of cash in his pockets! But what really is the story behind this said-to-be hot shot? For all we know he could be a murderer! Oh but wait, according to Lucille McKeen a party-goer and a close friend of Jordan Baker, Gatsby had been a "German spy during the war" and had "killed a man once" (44). Does Gatsby not have a heart? Or did the years of studying in Oxford get to his head? Yes.. Our spy/murderer is indeed an Oxford graduate, or so he claims. But where does this young man get all his money from? We have information straight from the man's mouth  
himself. While Jay and Nick Caraway (his neighbour) discuss their lives, we overhear Gatsby brag of how he collected jewels at the capital of Europe, was awarded several medals during the war, and is a pro at hunting. Has this level of success grant him an excuse from authorities? He is seen pulled over by a police officer due to speeding, however the officer is apologetic upon seeing a white card presented by Gatsby. Could he have something against the authorities? Or is everyone too scared to mess with this rich and famous man? Does the authority owe him something? Is this man who he really claims he is?
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Looking at the list of those attending Gatsby's parties we could say they are quite the party animals.. literally. Names like Beaver, Bait, Beluga, Hammerhead, Catlips, and many more says a whole lot about his guests than suspected
Inside scoop says that these party-goers are a careless bunch, trampling over things, eating and drinking excessively, and not caring for any damaged caused. "Woof"so much excitement!
Party Animals
Who attends Gatsby's parties?
Sneaky Buchanan's
The husband and wife surely dont seem to be getting along lately. Why else would Daisy be meet up with Gatsby in such secrecy? Yes, Daisy has been seen going to her brothers house, but only to be associating with Jay Gatsby. What could these two lovers of the past possibly be up to? Is Daisy just seeking revenge knowing about Tom's affair? Does Tom know what his wife has been up to? Do either of them know anything about anything? A story like this will sure get you thinking..
Although this information has not been confirmed, we're going to tell you all for the heck of it. It is said that Tom Buchanan, the husband of Nick Carraways sister, Daisy, is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, a woman in her thirties. It has been observed that she lets Tom push her around, infact, Myrtle may have undergone a fist fight with Tom, one-sided of course.
Carraway Gets Carried "Away"?
Is Nick Caraway secretly in love with Jordan Baker? If so, it's no longer a secret! She is a harsh, bitter, and sharp young lady. Is Nick really willing to fall deeper in love with her? Despite knowing that she is not the most honest of people? Despite knowing that she admitted to cheating on a golf tournament? How low is he really willing to stoop for Jordan? Cupid obviously hit him hard.
Lama Rehman
Party Animals:
The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, Chapters 1-4
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Gatsby Is That You?: Chapter 3; (44)