Top Ten Tech Trends 2015

published by Joyce Valenza

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Top 10 Tech Trends 2015
So, what's the new what?
Joyce Kasman Valenza
Social media is about learning, connecting, creating. It’s about relationships. It is our landscape. It’s thorny, but it’s here. We need to leverage it. We need to teach in it.
1. Social is the new media--get over it!
2. Transparency is the new platform
3. Global is the new literacy
Platforms like G+ Hangouts & Skype, with its new translation service, make it easier than ever to engage & contribute, beyond our zip codes, with little or no cost. We’ve already recognized our capability to spend time with authors, experts, and other classrooms and libraries. It's time to attack inquiry & real problems with authenticity.
Platforms like Google Classroom and Subtext allow us to enter students’ work formatively, to intervene in the writing and research processes, to observe products and growth. We should take advantage of opportunities to guide, comment, analyze, and reflect on student work.
We're using it, & modeling its use for advocacy, fundraising, supporting developers, making stuff happen
4. Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding is the new bake sale/book sale
5. 1:1/mobile is the new computer lab
Library labs will morph into multi-functional planning/creating spaces. Growing array of education Web tools redesigned as robust apps, including the Glogster, Wordle, and Instagrok tools, & Library of Congress’s new Discovery Sets (, confirm apps can inspire inquiry and historical thinking.
6. App smashing/app curation is the new collection building
Librarians must curate. create dashboards, for mobile, as well as desktop devices, and scout out best emerging tools.These new collections will allow students & teachers to easily find needed apps and sites and creatively blend or smash them.
You really have to try hard to feel alone. Our #tlchat hashtag & TLChat community continue to thrive. Connected Librarian Day ( rocked! Each year, exciting new voices join ranks of colleagues who graciously reflect & share their discoveries & their practice through their slide decks, videos, blogs, tweets.
7. Online CoPs are new faculty rooms/PD
8. Making is the new(?) learning
9. Augmented (AR) is the new reality
Books, shelves, maps, characters are coming alive & entering our real worlds.
Learning by doing, and challenge-based, project-based, and self-directed learning, define the maker movement. Not just 3D printers, but writing centers, production studios, fabric arts, more!  The community should decide.
10. Life-wide is the new life-long learning
Wikipedia describes a “lifewide approach as is a teaching strategy that involves real contexts and authentic settings. The goal is to address different kinds of learning not covered in a traditional classroom” and to better equip students “to attain whole personal development and…lifelong learning skills.”  Though we should care about what we traditionally call “achievement,” learning in our spaces should not be restricted to the outcomes of high stakes assessment. We are the very spaces where it is safe for learners to connect with their unmeasured, and perhaps unmeasurable interests and talents—and where it is safe to celebrate the freedom to geek out.
for School Library Journal:    (Dec. 2014)