100 Ways: Next 5 Minutes

published by National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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2. Change clothes
1. Take a hot shower
3. Take a nap
100 WAYS
to make it through the
12. Listen to a playlist of your favorite songs
The trends flows around the world
4. Paint your nails
5. Give yourself a massage 6. Find your pulse 7. Suck on ice cubes 8. Draw or paint on your body 9. Floss 10. Get a haircut 11. Play with play-doh or something squishy
13. Exercise (within reason)
Change your profile pic
15. Watch a movie 16. Rewatch your favorite TV show
17. Youtube for a while 18. Go on a dating website 19. Read something 20. Take quizzes on 21. Eat one of your favorite foods
22. Stargaze/Cloudgaze
And 78 more ideas....
61. Take pictures 62. Make/mail a PostSecret 63. Write a letter to someone you miss but isn’t going to receive it 64. Volunteer your time 65. Donate to a nonprofit 66. Recycle old batteries 67. Give away old clothes 68. Random acts of kindness 69. Make a present for a friend 70. Call/write your senator 71. Learn a new skill 72. Learn 10 new words 73. Plant something 74. Do a puzzle 75. Play a video game 76. Play an instrument 77. Origami 78. Meditate/do yoga 79. Learn a new language 80. Send yourself flowers
81. Buy something online 82. Go shopping 83. Clean 84. Reorganize 85. Do laundry 86. Work from home 87. Rearrange your furniture 88. Put up pictures of someone you find attractive 89. Talk to or name an inanimate object 90. See how quiet you can be 91. See how loud you can be 92. Jump on the bed 93. Break something 94. Imitate a barnacle 95. Build a fort 96. Create a new dance move 97. Find/create a secret spot around you 98. Record each minute/second/breath you take 99. Count things
Do whatever makes you feel happy, good about yourself, and keeps you safe!
23. Drink something cold or hot 24. Bake cookies 25. Have a drink (in moderation) 26. Make a nice meal 27. Have some chocolate 28. Go for a walk 29. Go for a drive 30. Go outside 31. Go to the beach 32. Go swimming 33. Go to the movies 34. Lay out in the sun (WEAR SUNSCREEN PLEASE) 35. Attend a show/performance 36. Plan a vacation/outing 37. Get a hug from a friend 38. Spend time with a pet 39. See someone you love 40. Call up your family 41. Invite friends over 42. Give someone 50 kisses
43. Tell a bad joke 44. Flirt with someone 45. Tickle someone 46. Talk it out with someone 47. Talk about nothing with someone 48. Visit your neighbors 49. Adopt an insect pet 50. Make a list of your best qualities 51. List things that you’re proud of 52. Name your genitalia 53. Masturbate 54. Draw, paint, or make some form of visual art 55. Start your memoir 56. Write a poem 57. Start a blog 58. Make up a story 59. Start a bucket list 60. Start a dream journal
You're halfway there...