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Students' answers to the Survey ...
Students' profile
Who    answered ?
% of students taking part to DFP answered   
Domain of study
Representative according to gender & domain of study parameters
Because of worlwide students' repartition, considering location as a key parameter doesn't make sense.
about students' motivation in taking part to DFP
The survey
What  was   it  about ?
Type of questions
In litterature, 3 types of problem should be adressed by engineering education :
- adapting to industrial needs              and problems - engaging students by new       pedagogical approachs - facing global issues thanks             to engineering
Learning by doing
Learning new things by myself
Being more creative
Collaborating with other cultures
Experiencing a realistic engineer working situation
Using a professional industry-well-known software
Being involved in a big scale project management
Putting theoretical knowledges into practice
Improving my English skills
Offering innovative solutions
Solving a concrete problem
Experiencing working within a team
Collaborating with other domains of study
Analyzing a complex situation
Offering sustainable solutions
Learning new things helped by other students
Experiencing working at a distance
Offering socialy-fair solutions
Developing my sense of ethics
Learning about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Experiencing a different educational approach
Improving my written communication skills
Avoiding doing your internship/capstone project within a research team
The  Results
What  Did  you  Mean ?
Autonomy in doing and real work situations are key points of motivation
Ethics, PLM and written communication present less interest for students
Angélique Montuwy for Dassault Systèmes