Local Courts (Conflict Copy)

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Local Courts
-Justice at your doorstep
Overview Of Local Courts
Local  courts are village courts or other small courts which are established for ensuring speedy justice and easy access to justice in rural and urban areas.
The first of such courts were emphasized in the act Gram nyayalayas Act 2008.
Mainly implemented in rural areas to provide for maximum reach of justice for villages and poor people.
The government of India, keeping in mind the pendency of cases, lack of speedy trials and access for justice enacted a bill called Gram Nyayalayas Act, 2008.
To provide for maximum reach of Justice for the  people of the nation (Speedy justice)
Current Scenario
Pending Cases in Higher courts of Indian Judiciary
Crimes against women
Looking at the current scenario the  importance and need for Local courts is clearly understood.
The current scenario shows us the negatives and loop holes of the current legal system and the need for a better and speedy legal system.
Crimes against women in major Cities
Delhi   Bhopal   Jaipur   Patna   Srinagar   Chennai   Vizag   Lucknow   Ahmedabad   Raipur   Bengaluru   Hyderabad   Kolkata   Mumbai   Allahabad   Pune
FDR  Recommendations:
Lack of interest on the part of the States: Only  3 Stats in the entire nation have local courts established.
Relaxing rules of evidence: In these new courts documents will be admitted even if they are not considered relevant by the law of evidence
The standardized court fees- amounts to Rs.100 only, thus this may instigate for many cases being filed for unnecessary purposes.
Expansion of Local courts into urban areas
Jurisdiction for local courts to deal with petty crimes against women, in both rural and urban areas.
Should pressurise on states to implement local courts and Gram Nyayalayas at each every level possible.
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language is one of the most important barrier in implementation precess.