Vaccines don't work. Here are the facts.

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Vaccines Don't Work Here are the Facts
So have our living conditions.
Medical technology has improved in the last 100 years.
This is the first generation who will not outlive their parents.
Yet, we have never been sicker.
We owe so much of this to vaccines.
...which are not proven safe or effective.
Despite the overwhelming evidence, people still have questions.
Measles? Chicken pox? No adequate safety studies?
It all began with smallpox - an infectious disease that thrived in the crowded, unhygenic, conditions of poverty.
Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids who contracted cowpox didn't get smallpox.
So he slit the arm of a little boy and smeared it with pus from an infected maid. This was called inocculation.
The boy was then vaccinated with smallpox pus over 20 times.
Jenner's son was also vaccinated, developed tuberculosis, and died at the age of 21.
He was sick his entire life and developed tuberculosis - a common adverse reaction of the vaccine.
Smallpox was eradicated by the quarantine program and improved hygiene and living conditions.
The last known case of smallpox was caused by the vaccine.
Vaccines are like Russian Roulette.
LIVE and inactivated viruses, bacteria, aborted baby, monkey, cow, and insect ingredients, neurotoxins, hazardous wastes, and carcinogens are injected directly into the body of your child, subjecting them to a host of illnesses including the one the vaccine is supposed to prevent.
Your body may or may not develop artificial immunity. But if it does...
It's only temporary and comes at a price.
Since their implementation, vaccines have not eradicated a single disease.
Not even polio.
If vaccines make me immune, why do I "have" to get a flu shot every year?
Each year scientists forget about real disease prevention and try to "predict" which flu strain to vaccinate against.
The flu vaccine hasn't been properly tested, doesn't work, and sheds - infecting other people.
They have a better chance of predicting which ugly sweater your Grandma will buy you for Christmas.
But you should still get a flu shot - because that makes complete sense.
I heard vaccines cause autism.
...But this paper did not say that vaccines caused autism, it suggested a link between gastrointestinal disease and autism with the onset post-MMR vaccine.
The U.S has the highest vaccination rate in the world (double that of any other country) and the highest autism statistics.  
Autism has increased 11000% since the 1970s and the vaccine schedule has nearly tripled. Coincidence?
They can. If you look at the scientific data, vaccine ingredients, package inserts, court documents, and acknowledge parents of vaccine-injured children.
Yet, some people try to negate the link between vaccines and autism by discrediting one study.  
However, a smear campaign ensued and after considerable pressure, it was retracted.
People who rely on mainstream media for their information will tell you that Wakefield and his colleagues fudged data, had undisclosed interests, and did not obtain test subjects properly.
They are not telling you the TRUTH.
Scientists claim they "aren't sure" what causes autism.
But it will never be caused by vaccines. Wakefield's crucifixion serves as a reminder to the medical and scientific communities and data has been manipulated since. #CDCWhistleblower
Before long, celebrities like Jenny McCarthy began questioning vaccines.
She was blamed for establishing the anti-vaccine movement that had been around since the 1800s.
Soon, it became trendy for parents to actually question what was being injected into the bodies of their children.
Really's just plain smart.
Somebody shared the toxicological profiles of the ingredients in vaccines and they sound really scary!
Um...because they are.
People assume parents don't know how to use their brains, so a common tactic used by anti-common sense proponents is to downplay the ingredients and hope that ignorance does the rest.
But we're too smart for that.
For example, initially, mercury was the 2nd most poisonous element on the planet.
But when thimerosal (which is 49.6% mercury by weight) was added to vaccines, it became perfectly safe to inject into the body of a baby.
Yeah...but it's "ethylmercury."
Even worse since ethylmercury is more toxic than methylmercury and has been proven harmful for people, animals, and birthday cake.
It does not just get "flushed out" of the body, especially because an infant does not have fully functional kidneys.
But for the sake of people questioning the safety of vaccines, we'll just "pretend" that it doesn't get stored in the brain or cause severe neurological damage.
When it was discovered that the "safety standards" used for injected ethylmercury were based off of ingested methylmercury and kids were being severely damaged, it was reluctantly removed from many vaccines.
But thimerosal-containing flu shots are still injected into children and pregnant women.
The other toxic ingredients in your child's vaccinations are safe because they "naturally occur" in your body right?
Take formaldehyde for example, you probably have some in your body right now as a natural byproduct of metabolism.
Wait, you heard aluminum was safe because it is in breastmilk and you ate with an aluminum fork once?
So it's perfectly okay to inject it directly into the body of your child right? WRONG.
Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the EPA and World Health Organization. Go ahead...look it up.
Aluminum is a carcinogenic, neurotoxic, hazardous substance and the levels injected into your child far exceed any presumed "safety" guidelines.
There are no safety standards for injecting formaldehyde into a child.
No surprise there.
But people don't understand, it's really about dosage isn't it? You could die from drinking too much water.
True, but you're far more likely to die from a vaccine adverse reaction.
Water is inherently safe.
Vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe." (Bruesewitz v. Wyeth)
Not a single vaccine ingredient is proven safe to inject into your baby.
Come to think of it, not a single vaccine is either.
In order to prove that a vaccine is "safe" via the standards of evidenced-based medicine, you would have to conduct  a double-blind, placebo controlled study using an  "inert" substance like saline as the control.
The same applies to testing whether a vaccine actually works.
...But vaccines aren't tested against inert substances prior to licensure. They're tested against other vaccines or adjuvants that are also contained in the vaccine being tested.
That's like, trying to test whether cookies make people fat and using sugar as the control.
How can you test whether something causes neurological damage, when you're testing against a known neurotoxin?
But it would be unethical to withhold vaccines from children because of their (un)proven benefit.
Really? Does that logic apply to any other medication? No.
It's unethical to subject any child to a substance that is not proven to be safe or effective, has inherent risks, and could cause devastating adverse reactions including chronic disease, brain damage, death, and the disease the vaccine is supposed to "prevent."
Do you know who suffers the most?
Children in third-world countries who are inhumanely used as test subjects without their full knowledge, consent, or understanding of the risks.
Do you know what else is unethical?
Subjecting children to a vaccination schedule that has never been tested for safety.
If vaccines aren't safe or effective, why do people still get them?
I'm so glad you asked.
Some parents believe they are doing what's best for their children.
Others have been purposely manipulated by fear-driven emotional messages.
Some parents haven't taken the time to research the issue and they're told they're not qualified to do so. They're told to trust their doctor.
But most doctors haven't even read the vaccine package inserts.
The most outspoken proponents of vaccinations hold positions paid for by Merck, financial interests or stock in pharmaceutical companies, and even patents on vaccines.
They make money every time your child gets their shots and they lose money when they don't.
So you don't want to vaccinate anymore. It's your choice right?
Yes. It is. But you'll be told you have to vaccinate your child to protect the "herd."
...But herd immunity does not (and never did) apply to vaccines.
Herd immunity only applies to those diseases derived naturally that confer lifetime immunity. It does not apply to the artificial and temporary immunity (if any) given by a vaccine.
But what about the immunocompromised?
According to the CDC, the immunocompromised can be vaccinated, but those who can't cannot be around recently vaccinated children either.
Evolution is a constant arms race. As we manipulate ourselves with vaccines, invaders adapt into more virulent strains to get around our temporary junk immunity.
But aren't diseases like measles, mumps, and whooping cough making a comeback because of the unvaccinated?
No. Unless you're cherry-picking data.
The pertussis vaccine does not work and makes one an asymptomatic reservoir for the disease.
Read the CDC's surveillance data instead of isolating a statistic from one year where numbers were low(ish.)
Mumps is occuring in exclusively vaccinated populations.
Merck is accused of lying about the efficacy of its mumps (MMR) vaccine.
Measles was never eradicated. There are a few hundred cases each year consisting of both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
Some of these cases may be caused by the shedding of the live, viral, MMR vaccine.
So what are the risks of vaccinating?
The risk/benefit ratio of vaccines is the worst of any medical intervention out there and they are never without risk.
Brain encephalitis, SIDS, chicken pox, fever, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, seizures, meningitis, diabetes, food allergies, pneumonia, multiple sclerosis, asthma, immune system, lymphatic, skin, blood, and nervous system disorders.
Hundreds of thousands of vaccine adverse reactions are reported each year.
Vaccinating a child is like taking a child out of their perfectly functioning carseat and strapping them into a seat with dental floss.
That's only 1-10% of the actual numbers.
But people refuse to acknowledge the risks because vaccines are a billion dollar business and liability is costly.
Like vaccine viral shedding, fear and misinformation spread easily to those who don't do their own research.
Help contribute to a healthier generation by encouraging your community to ask questions and do their own research.  
And don't forget to fill out a vaccine exemption form!
So what eradicated smallpox?
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