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Digital Sous Chef
Recipe Tech Guide
Whether you prefer good ol’ fashioned cooking websites, trendy recipe blogs, or fancy apps – there is an option for you.
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What digital cookbook is best for you?
The 5th most common New Year's Resolution is staying fit and healthy.
Healthy Eating
New Year's Resolution
# 5
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Cooking websites can be an incredible tool. Here are a couple that we enjoy.
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This members only website is where food bloggers share their unique food recipes. Scroll through the incredible photos or search the website’s database for the right recipe for you. After you find the perfect recipe, you can add the necessary ingredients to your shopping list.
The only "science-based" platform of personalized food suggestions for an exciting, healthy and sustainable life. Not a professional chef? No worries! Their unique food pairings help foodies bring their skills to the next level while having a fun time. For a fee, access to more pairings, aroma profiles, and local ingredients.
Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe cooking blogs are better for you. They'll choose what to cook and show you how.
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In 1999, there were just 23 blogs. Today, there are over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet.
There are about 31 Million bloggers in the United States.
Food52 Blog
Food52 is a great tool to find delicious food and drink recipes all year long. Besides its simple layout and beautiful photos, Food52 has recipe contests, items for sale, and a hotline tab to answer all of your cooking questions!
Love & Lemons
If your favorite time of  day is happy hour and you want to eat well, this recipe blog is for you. Most of the recipes are vegetarian and its goal is to inspire you to get creative with veggies. Note: this blog is equipped with incredible photos and even videos!
My New Roots
The Reader’s Choice for Best Special Diets Blog from Huffington Post goes to this blog. Creator and chef Sarah Britton shares original recipes that have been featured in various print and online publications. This blog makes our list for its elegant and clean look with recipes encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
Kiss My Spatula
This is one of the most fun food blogs we have seen. Kiss My Spatula takes food blogging to the next level by blending beautifully photographed recipes inspired by places across the globe to music, making your night-in more memorable.
Don't feel like bringing your computer to into the kitchen? Try some of these #foodie apps for your mobile phone or tablet.
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Today's average mobile phone is more       powerful than the PCs that   sent two astronauts to the moon in 1969.
The most frequently used app in the world is Google Maps. Followed by Facebook and YouTube.
This cooking app makes cooking easier for beginners and experts. The “Ingredients List” teaches you tricky foods you may never have heard before. Each ingredient includes a photo, overview, usages and storage techniques. Similarly, the “Cooking Glossary” is complete with definitions and audio cues for foreign or less common culinary words.
Besides the over 350,000 recipes on the app, Big Oven allows chefs to review and rate meals so that you know you are cooking something great. Big Oven has a grocery list and saved recipe functions, but what sets this app apart is its meal planner that allows you to set up your weekly menus based on what's in your refrigerator.
Big Oven
Try one of our favorite new options that shop for you.  
The Spinner is easy to use and  has access to reviews from a community of over 30 million home cooks. Have a food allergy or on a low carb diet? That’s ok! This app can find recipes based on dietary needs, specific ingredients that are in your pantry, or menus that are ready in a certain time period.
AllRecipes Dinner Spinner
Haven't found the right digital cookbook?
Plated & Blue Apron
Plated and Blue Apron have redefined the new-age cooking website. Both options allow you to choose a menu online that feature healthy meat, seafood, or vegetarian dishes. They'll hand-pack ingredients and ship them to your home. Just follow the simple recipe card and you are ready to eat your healthy meal.
We hope you have found your digital sous chef for 2015. Now get cooking!
What digital cookbook is best for you?
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