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YOu can do to fight Human trafficking
Create safe ways for migrants to travel and work
Enhance & protect the rights of workers
Demand transparency & accountability in supply chains for goods and services
Invest in more living-wage jobs & economic opportunity
New York Anti-Trafficking Network
Provide education to young people on issues of gender & sexuality & offer appropriate support for homeless youth
Five Action Items
Map out your action plan
Be a media activist
Plan your donations
Host a fundraiser
Investigate Supply Chains
Study the issue further and plan what you would like to read, learn, and listen to throughout the year. Attend a conference, such as the Freedom Network's, to learn more.
Be proactive and figure out how much, when, and to whom you will give as part of your annual charitable donations. Do your research on what organizations have a track record on working with all survivors of trafficking.
Start with yourself. When you buy something at a store or online (whether it's chocolate, clothing, or a smartphone), or you patronize service-oriented places like restaurants or nail salons; ask about the wages and conditions of the workers involved. If you hire domestic workers to work in your home, do you follow the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights?
Use your social media networks to talk and share information about trafficking in an informed way that respects the dignity and voices of survivors.
It serves as an incentive to be strategic with your actions, and can serve as a way to further commit both yourself and your circle to making a difference.
Celebrating 14 years of providing direct services to almost 1,000 survivors of human trafficking, the New York Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN) was the first in New York to promote the rights of survivors of human trafficking.  We bring together the voices of those with first-hand experience of the injustices of human trafficking, who work consistently to meet the needs of trafficked persons, and who advocate for a more rights-based and responsive policy towards trafficked persons. NYATN consists of a diverse group of service providers and advocates in New York, dedicated to ending human trafficking and coordinating resources for trafficked persons. Our membership includes over 90 organizations and individuals advocating on behalf of survivors of trafficking and other forms of violence. Since 2002, we provided direct services to survivors of human trafficking, and have fostered policy, legislation, education, and advocacy on a wide range of issues relating to trafficking in persons. We seek to establish dialogue and discuss service options in a range of cases and enable cross-communication regarding each agency’s work with trafficked persons.  We provide direct services to trafficked persons; technical assistance to attorneys, case managers, and other service providers who work with trafficked persons; train law enforcement and non-governmental organizations on issues relating to trafficking in persons; outreach in communities to provide resources and information on trafficking in persons; and engage in policy advocacy on these issues. NYATN played a key role in the passage of the New York Anti-Trafficking Law as well as all of the re-authorizations of the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act.  We continually advocate for legislation that promotes the rights of trafficked persons at the state and federal levels. The New York Anti-Trafficking Network is guided by the following principles: • Recognizing that sustainable change and improved response to trafficked persons requires increased capacity of   network partners working in concert to support trafficked persons. • Developing new ways of working together to deliver services, share information, identify resources, and advocate, is pivotal to an effective response to trafficked persons. • Educating service providers, law enforcement, governmental entities and the general public is critical to reaching trafficked persons.
The New York Anti-Trafficking Network
For more information on what you can do to fight human trafficking check out "Five Things You can do to Fight Trafficking and Modern Slavery" by Juhu Thukral, one of the founders of NYATN,  email click here.
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