Board Policy 5410

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WCPSS Board Policy 5410
How to Handle Challenges to Your Instructional Materials
What Instructional Materials May Be Challenged?
Guest Speakers
Multi- Media
Hand- Outs
What Happens When an Instructional Material is Challenged?
I don't like the video clip my child watched in class...
A parent shares a concern
The PRINCIPAL listens and explains how and why the material is being used
Parent is satisfied -- no reconsideration needed
Parent is NOT satisfied -- Give parent the Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Form
Parent does not provide form -- no reconsideration needed
Parent provides completed form -- begin Reconsideration Process (to be completed in thirty days)
Notify Instructional Technology & Library Media Services office
Form a Reconsideration Committee with: Principal, Media Coordinator, 2 Teachers in the subject area, and 2 Parents
Committee will examine the challenged material (read the entire book, watch the video, etc.) and critiques.
Committee will meet and discuss the material making sure to look at the whole rather than clips out of context. Committee makes a decision
Notify Instructional Technology and Library Media Services office of decision. Then notify parent via LETTER
Parent accepts school decision
Parent does not accept school decision. Parent writes an appeal letter to Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media Services
A district Reconsideration Committee is formed to examine the challenged material and critiques
Only the Board of Education has the power to reverse the school's decision. If the parent is dissatisfied with the decision of the district committee an appeal can be filed with the Board of Education in accordance with board policy 1316.
District Committee will notify the parent of their decision via letter and provide a copy for the school.
After meeting to discuss the material, the Committee can choose to: ~ Uphold the school decision ~ Amend the school decision ~ Decline support for the school decision