Writing Analytical Paragraphs

published by Alyssa Tormala

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Analytical Paragraphs
How to prepare...
What to write about...
Evidence that supports your claim (1-2 specific pieces from the text)
Claim: What choice author made + Why he/she made it
Reasoning on HOW the author's choice(s) create meaning
Choose a passage. PRINT IT OUT.
Annotate, outline, take notes. HANDWRITE YOUR NOTES.
Conclusion about how the choice reflects on a larger idea in the novel
Practice writing the paragraph with a timer. Adjust your notes accordingly.
What NOT to do in passage analysis...
Use I, you, we, us, the reader, the audience, etc.
Summarize the plot. (I already know what happened.)
Quote Bomb
I think that...
This shows the reader that...
He shows us...
Say "This quote shows that..." I swear I will cry if you do.
What's most important?
Take a position. Prove it.
Make sense.
Be clear, precise and detailed.
Show me your thinking.
Connect the dots.
Infographic created by Alyssa Tormala, January 2015