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A Guide to BC's Product Stewardship Programs
Dead Batteries Busted Blenders Dumb Smartphones Burnt-Out Lights Clunky TV's Packaging Paper Rusty Mowers
Got these items lying around?
British Columbia recycled 627 tonness of batteries in 2015 through the Call2Recycle program, up from 400 tonnes in 2014.
Household Batteries
ACCEPTED: Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn) and Small Sealed Lead Acid (SSLA/Pb), alkaline, lithium primary and carbon-zinc batteries, up to 5kg each.
That's the weight of 4 blue whales, the largest creature to have ever lived!
The ElectroRecycle program accepts over 300 types of products for recycling, including:
4,225 tons of materials were collected at 197 facilities in BC in 2015.
Small Appliances
Kitchen Countertop
Floor Cleaning
Garment Care
Air Treatment
Power Tools
Sports & Leisure
Canadians recycled over 670,701 cellphones in 2015. That translated into...
22.8kg of Gold 235kg of Silver 10kg of Palladium 10,753kg of Copper
At current metal prices and exchange rates, that's around $1.7 million kept out of landfills!
Cell Phones
* Composition from EPA Recycling FAQ Estimates
End-of-Life Electronics
Encorp electronic depots collected over 22,700 tons of electronics in 2015. Besides TVs and computers, did you know the following electronic items are also included?
Home Audio Equipment
Computer Peripherals
POS Terminals
Video Game Systems
Storage Media
Electric Music Instruments
Portable Electronics
Medical Monitoring Devices
In 2015, 5,322,452 lamps and tubes were taken for recycling...
395 tons of residential light fixtures were collected.
26.5 tons of toxic PCB ballasts were diverted...
Lighting Products
That's 5-6 African elephants weights' worth!
That's the weight of two and a half houses!
Packaging and Printed Paper
- Empty aerosols (except spraypaints) - Plastic plant trays (clean with no soil) - Aseptic containers (e.g. soups, milk, broths) - Spiral-wound can (e.g. juice concentrate) - Paper cups for hot and cold beverages
All of the above, PLUS: - Packaging foam (no peanuts or insulation) - Soft packaging plastic (no cellophane or laminates) - Non-deposit glass jars (no housewares)
Accepted Curbside
Accepted at MMBC Depots
Stats For 2015:
RECOVERY RATE: 77% (Target was 75%)
Accepted Products Include: * Leaf Blowers * Lawn Mowers * Pressure Washers * Lawn Tractors * AND MANY MORE!
119 Collection Sites in BC:
Outdoor Power Equipment
(Handheld, Walk-behind, Standalone)
Want more info on stewardship programs? Visit or download the Recyclepedia App: Or call the Recycling Hotline: Lower Mainland (604)-RECYCLE (732-9253) Toll-Free 1(800)-667-4321
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