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published by salma Beltran

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L'arche USA
L'arche's objective is about living an experience of working in a house with people who have learning disabilities
Infographic By: Salma & Marianna
L'arche grew to 16 communities with people who live with disabilities in the whole country, it first came in 1972 in Erie, Pennsylvania. People who live this experience are treated by volunteer assistants.
L'arche USA was found by Jean Vanier in France in 1964.
"We make explicit the dignity of every human being by building inclusive communities of faith and friendship where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life together." -According to L'arche USA
L'arche USA started its first community in france 1964, the first one founded in the USA was in 1972 in Erie, Pennsylvania.
L'arche community's purpose is to help people with disablities, and for them to share their lives together and to find the most important thing in life that they can teach us and we can teach them. To love and be loved.