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San Diego Hunger Coalition
Celine, Alexa, Tanya
25% of kids go to school without having breakfast
SDHC is a nonprofit association that participates in federal food programs
Jennifer Tracy/ SDHC executive director  
With 14 years of experience, Jennifer has made a strong collaboration networks that seek to eliminate hunger.
School Meals: The Farm to School Task Force connected over 30 local farms to at least 14 districts in San Diego. Coordinated Provision 2 training for schools to provide free breakfast and lunch for over 47,000 low income students.
The San Diego Hunger Coalition was founded over 20 years ago. Until recently. the organization had an operating budget ofless than $25,000.
Where to donate?
San Diego Hunger Coalition 4305 University Ave. Ste., 515 San Diego, CA 92105
You could send food or money, anything could help: