Reece's Rainbow Facts

published by Carissa Peck

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Reece's Rainbow
Infographic By: Carissa
Helping Down syndrome children find forever homes.
In 2002 Andrea Roberts gave birth to Reece. Reece was a wonderful baby boy with Down syndrome. Who would have thought that over 13 years later thousands of children would have found amazing families through a foundation started in his name.  
Who is Reece?
"The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty." ~Mother Teresa
Many children are international adoptees coming from countries around the world! The countries in blue are some of the larger countries families are adopting babies from now!
All the money goes to the kids! Only 10% is spent on salaries and other administrative costs.
The average international adoption costs $25,000
In the last 8 years they have found homes for over 1,500 children. That's 15 children finding loving families every month.
How many?
OVER 1000
children are still waiting to find their homes and families
Every week
four children find happy homes!
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