Once Upon a Device

published by shellterrell

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Once Upon a Device...
20 Reading Activities and Free Apps
Retell events in a comic
Create a scrapbook for a character highlighting a moment
Transform the chapter into a movie scene
In pairs, choose 2 characters & send postcards to each other
Design a newspaper capturing the time
Retell the story from a different perspective
Design a magazine realistic to that time
Develop a game inspired by characters & the plot
Film a tv talk show with the characters
Host a reality show with the characters
Design a wedding invite & photo album of the wedding of 2 characters. Ex. Bella & Edward, Darcy & Lizzie
Create a commercial for a product mentioned
Work in pairs, choose 2 characters & recreate a conversation in SMS
Bring a character to life using augmented reality
Develop an app based on a character's vice. Ex. Where's My Ring? ~ Gollum
Create a class news hour featuring briefs highlighting events
Create a character timeline of made up life events that led to the point in the book or what happened after the book
Create a gossip celebrity segment highlighting character situations
Create a silent film based on a chapter
Host a dating game with characters
By Shelly Sanchez Terrell