Government- Afghanistan

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By Aren Martinian
In the 6th century B.C, countries around Afghanistan started to fight in wars.
After the death of Alexander the Great, in 323 B.C., his 3 generals fought to split up the land
In 642 the Muslims Invaded, trying to conquer and convert all of Afghanistan to Islam
In the Year 1747, Afghanistan fought against it's owners, becoming its own independent country.
In the year 1979, Soviets started an occupation in Afghanistan
Ten Years Later in 1989 , the Soviets receded and Afghanistan was free once again.
In 1979, A revolt was set up against the now-communist government in place.
In 1994 the Taliban came, collapsing the government and taking control.
In 1996 the Taliban receded from Afghanistan, while the rebels were successful and took control of the government again.
In 2001 a terrorist group called Al Qaeda flew airplanes into the Twin Towers, causing them to fall.
Throughout 1996-2001 Afghanistan has gotten tons of aid food from first world countries such as the United States, while Police officers help themselves. This is preventing the population from getting the food they need.
Because it is so oppressive, few People have a say in the Government.
From 2002-2005 tons of refugees came back from refugee camps.
The Government taxes people extremely unfairly. They give more resources to one village versus the other, and even the people who get more grain don't get what they need because of the corrupt government not having enough food to feed everyone.