warfare in afghanistan

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Warfare in Afghanistan
By: Linda Xu
War Timeline
US Invasion
Civil War
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Soviet War
Civil War
Soviet War
- War lasted December 1979 to February 1989
- Soviet Union vs. Mujahideen
- Location of war: Afghanistan
- Soviet Union tried to change Afghanistan's into a communist government
- Fought war over what type of government
Number of People
Civil War
- War lasted April 1993 to September 1996
- Location: Afghanistan
- Islamic State of Afghanistan vs. Taliban
- War fought because the Taliban were trying to take over
- Taliban tried to take over to stop conflict
Civil War
- War lasted September 1996 to October 2001
- Location: Afghanistan
- Islamic State of Afghanistan vs. Taliban
- The Taliban were trying to take over
- The Islamic State of Afghanistan were trying to stop Taliban from taking over
United States Invasion
- War lasted October 2001 to December 2014
- Location Afghanistan
- Taliban vs. United States
- United States invaded after the 9/11 terrorists attack
- President Bush wanted Osama bin Laden killed, but the Taliban helped hide Laden
- United States removed Taliban from power
Warfare Outcomes
After Soviet War ...
of people escaped government control
Five Million
people forced to leave country
The Taliban...
Bombed park, killing and wounding people
Damaged cities
Destroyed farmlands
Damaged road pastures
Because of landmines the Taliban planted
After the Civil War
Afghanistan is under harsh Islamic law
Because Of united states invasion
Afghanistan is now a transitioning government
70,000 homes are run by widows
34% of population got robbed during war
76% of population got forced out of their homes during war
Nearly all Afghanistan's provinces have land mines
Square Kilometers