Mobile Phones Addiction

published by hussien latiff

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Smart Phone Addiction
Research in 2011 indicates that one in six cell phones has fecal germs.
Health Problems
Also, the excessive use of them increases the chance of developing the glioma tumours (brain cancer), which is a rare disease, but it is fatal.
Some of the phones has various kind of bacteria, one of these bacteria is E. coli, which might cause fever, vomiting and diarrhea cancer.
Mobile phones use electric radiation was the subject of some recent researches. Still, did not prove that it is actually harmful on the human body despite the fact that some science do believe strongly that it is harmful and affects badly.    
Mobile Phones & Driving Safety
A research was conducted in 2011 detected that approximately 19% of the drivers have an access to the internet, meanwhile, driving.
The U.S. national highway traffic safety administration declared a report in 2010 shows that 5474 people have passed away in car accidents has occurred because the driver was distracted. Mobile phones were the cause of 5% of these car accidents.
In addition to that, speaking with someone is a big distractor beside being on the phone while driving. That had caused 37% of the previous fatal accidents.
Ironically, 87% of people believe emailing and texting while driving is actually dangerouse to their lives.
Moreover, texting also a big distractor. Almost 2000 teens have died in car crashes while they were driving. And it was the main reason for the 2008 Chatsworth train collision to happen which has killed 25 passengers; when it was  found out that the engineer sent over 40 messages while the operating.
In conclusion, any person, as a driver, who text or use his mobile device can definitely decide to do that action; as a result of that, he/she will not has the authority to decide the reaction and the outcomes of that action.
Mobile Phones & Socialization
Humans in general, and teens in particular, usually fine mobile phones one of many ways they use to express themselves. In other words, they identify themselves through these devices.  
Mobile devices breed a direct connection between two users and group of people. It discards the distance between two figures, or two groups of people.
Studies have shown that the rapid adoption has made the teens' socialization process quicker than it was, Also, it has persuaded the their independence from their families
Studies in Europe, The U.S. and East Asia has been conducted on mobile adoption among young actors promotes their socializations and interactions. It also provide strength to the immediate group of people.  
Amazingly, mobile phones play a primary role in the peer group which is the achievement of the social relationships and the interactions. It is an actual device that utterly communicates.
Mobile devices does not reduce the interactions between the parents and their children as its being thought so. Mobile devices can be called the links between the children and their parent by merely a text message. The family unity can be easily enhanced by mobile devices; they, mobile devices, can increase the trust, dedication and loyalty between the family members and help out in acting instantly with certain dilemmas.